Tet's Bug Report


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    Tet's Bug Report

    Post by Tetrax on Wed Feb 24, 2010 7:19 am

    In-Game Name: Tet
    Bug:Priests Mind Flay ticks once in 3 sec due to the high spell haste. Spell ID 48156. Heard its getting fixed in the next core though.
    Bug2:Vampiric Embrace does not heal at all, contrary to what it does. Spell ID 15286
    Bug3:Psychic Horror doesn't make the enemy drop their MH weapon for 10 sec. Spell ID 64044
    Info: All the bugs are priest bugs with bugged or no effect.
    How To Reproduce Bug: Have a priest with full 255 or horror gear and let them cast Mindflay. It will only tick once over the total period of time.
    How To Reproduce Bug2: Have a priest use Vampiric Embrace. If you were to cast it a second time, it becomes a debuff. As a buff, it does not have any effect.
    How To Reproduce Bug3: Have a priest use psychic horror on any player. The player will get horrored but they will still equip their MH weapon.
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